Students for Intellectual Property is committed to protecting students while attending college and their futures after graduation. Our #ProtectStudentsFutures campaign exemplifies our passion to protect students after graduation by focusing on protecting those who are involved in film, theater, music, photography, and other creative fields that regularly utilize the Internet as viable means of presenting their work. Unfortunately, similar to IP debates at colleges and universities, aspiring graduates are often stifled from future success because of inadequate policies.

Part of the issue surrounds the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998. Currently a hot topic between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, online piracy and other copyright issues within the DMCA continue to hinder aspiring graduates from achieving their own “American Dream.” Take Delia, a graduate from the University of Colorado, for example. As an upcoming photographer, Delia is faced with the dilemma to publish her work on the most popular online platforms at the risk of her incredible photographs being stolen without any thought of reasonable compensation. This provides her with the option of potentially working for free due to online piracy, or significantly decelerating her career to ensure the complete protection of her work. Either option leaves Delia chasing her dreams rather than achieving them!

This reality requires students nationwide to band together and advocate to help support the organizations fighting the unfair policies within the DMCA. In the upcoming elections, #ProtectStudentsFutures, along with other IP focused organizations, want to make sure students across the country have a voice to stop online piracy and protect the futures of those graduates producing sensational works of art, film, music, photographs, and much, much more!

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