Our Mission

Our Mission


As an organization, we understand the incredible times we live in and the extraordinary technology that connects us all. For the first time in the history of our great democracy, we have the technology to instantaneously interact with each other and have developed the social platforms necessary to voice our opinions and demand substantial change. In the 1960’s students felt it necessary to stage large demonstrations, some resulting in riots, in order to have their voice heard in the political world. Today, in the social media crazed society we live in, students now have ways to connect with politicians directly and tell them exactly what they want. Students have an opportunity to carry one of the loudest voices in politics!

With help from other student organizations representing numerous student interests, we decided to start our Protect Students Futures campaign. Our goal is to pass legislation requiring colleges and universities to have policies focusing on the protection of students and their futures!


Let’s start with intellectual property created by students…

Next, lets talk about students futures

It’s our job to raise awareness to this issue and critical we interact with as many students, their friends, and families, through every platform available to us and generate support. We need to show politicians that as a society, we believe its necessary to pass legislation protecting students and their intellectual property.

It’s our responsibility to tell lawmakers what students expect as the most important part of the equation.

Our mission: Protect Students Futures.

Help promote #ProtectStudentsFutures and interact with all of our social media platforms!

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