Student Ambassadors

Our mission is to raise awareness and fight for the 20+ million students attending colleges and universities across America. The most important part of the education system are the students! It’s time to take the appropriate measures and protect students futures! We need your help to spread the word and help promote our #ProtectStudentsFutures campaign!

Become a Student Ambassador!

Give us a little bit of information and you’ll receive an e-mail and you’ll decide how involved you want to become. Help us by simply interacting with our social media content to raise awareness or work closely with our University Relations department and set up sponsored events at your school. It’s up to you. We are in this together and we need your help to protect students futures!

If you want to become directly involved in the legislation process and join the battlefront in state capitols across America, then become part of a growing team representing every college student and help promote legislation directly to lawmakers!

Become a Public Affairs Officer!

Work directly with our Government Relations department and develop a political network in your state. Train with our staff to build your network, go in-depth with the legislation draft process, and gain confidence to promote policy to your state lawmakers. Have an opportunity to work with our federal team when we meet with your state representatives and work directly in Washington D.C, gaining connections that will last you a life time. Help us pass legislation to protect students futures!

Student Ambassador