Students Futures

Higher education has become a quintessential pursuit for the majority of students graduating secondary institutions. Over the last few years a volatile job market saturated with highly qualified applicants has caused a social evolution, a bachelor’s degree has replaced a high school diploma as the minimum education requirement to ensure a comfortable lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we have accepted this new social convention without sufficiently investigating its implications both fiscally and legally to students. Today, with an average tuition rate of approximately $19,000 annually (according the National Center for Education Statistics) students incur gross amounts of debt to attain a four-year degree and national student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion dollars. For many graduating students, achieving success after college is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in the new “gig” economy.

One way to combat this phenomenon is through student innovation. Millions of students become artists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, journalists, musicians, photographers, and writers. However, within the ultra competitive global market, governed by ineffective pieces of legislature, numerous challenges for graduates are constantly presented. One example is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Online piracy presents numerous disadvantages for graduates who utilize the Internet as a tool to achieve their dreams. If graduates are constantly hindered from achieving success beyond school and the notion of incurring gross amounts of student debt for a seemingly worthless education continues to become more realistic, the future of America is in danger of failure.

This is not about the interests of the colleges and universities. The arguments are not Democrat or Republican. This is about the futures of every student, graduate, and child that will attend college one day. We believe ALL students deserve EVERY chance to have a successful future.

As we move forward and continue to work with other organizations, we will introduce other initiatives essential to the success of students and their futures. We are currently working diligently with numerous partners developing ideas for legislation focused on sexual assault and campus violence, such as, policies requiring universities to report sexual assaults to proper authorities and adequate training for campus police departments in response to mass shootings.