Who We Are

Who We Are

We started as an idea and now we’re a growing force…

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Our story begins in 2014 with Caleb Carr. After years of volunteering assisting Search and Rescue teams in Oregon, Caleb aimed to design a unique hoist system for helicopters while attending the University of Colorado. After disputes arose regarding the ownership of the intellectual property of his invention between him and the university, Caleb became curious about other schools and discovered unfair Intellectual Property (IP) policies at colleges and universities across the country. Even more surprisingly, Caleb found many schools had inadequate IP policies, or no policies at all, creating nightmare scenarios for students with outcomes most likely being resolved in court.

Caleb recruited his close friend Dominick on as one of his first teammates and began to build a team of students trained to promote legislation to lawmakers requiring schools have distinct policies covering student created IP. That May, he met Vi and they began to build a network across the country, reaching out to numerous student organizations to help raise awareness to unfair IP policies, or lack thereof, at colleges and universities across America. By the end of that year, Students for Intellectual Property was born as an official organization.

By 2015 our organization was meeting with lawmakers in Washington D.C., including numerous congressional leaders and the President of the United States. Most lawmakers we spoke with agreed it is absolutely critical to encourage students to maximize their educational experiences and protect their creations, discoveries, and innovations. President Obama himself encouraged us to pursue legislation that aims to protect student created IP. Considering the daunting hurdles such legislation presents, Congressional leaders that work closely with our organization challenged us to start a national awareness campaign.


As we continued to build our network creating numerous state campaigns presenting IP legislation, our organization began to be inundated with request from other student organizations requesting our help to address the most dire issues effecting students today.

We began to realize the enormous potential we have as an organization to represent the interests of students and construct the meaningful and necessary legislation to improve our educational system. We realized we’re not here just to promote favorable legislation regarding student’s intellectual property; we’re here to protect the futures of every student across America.

Our organization maintains our presence in Washington D.C., constantly meeting with congressional leaders in hopes of passing legislation protecting the interests of students. As we continue to build our team across the country and work with local lawmakers, we constantly look to develop relationships with other student organizations to create and promote legislation aimed to protect students futures. We are dedicated to make sure the concerns of the most important part in the American educational system, the students, are recognized in American politics!

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